We just unlock new buyers in USA and CANADA … what a jump ! Nothing but a logical move when USA start disengaging their garment purchase in china, Bangladesh become their new eldorado.

The Bangladeshi readymade garment exports to the USA grew by 15.38 % to US$ 2.58 billion during the period from January to May 2021 compare with the same period last year.

The US buyers have shifted some of their orders from China to Bangladesh while exports from India to US suffered due to the deteriorating Covid-19 situation,

We hope that local RMG exports to USA will increase further with the return of one of its big companies – the Walt Disney –

Disney that stopped sourcing from Bangladesh eight years back will reinstate Bangladesh as its permitted sourcing country

it would also help to regain the image of the industry that has made significant improvements in the areas of workplace safety and other issues.

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