Anne Laure Pedegert


She has 26 years of professional Textile. After studying Design and Pattern Maker in prestigious school in France, she designed for Reebok (sportswear), Pardon (Tropical Wear), Popecha (luxury baby brand).

Anne-Laure moved to Dhaka in 2010.
Introduced to the production world she have been a successful Country Manager for notorious European Brand.

Karine Fettu


Karine, Fashion Designer, soon realized that her heart was aligned to help developing countries.  After University, she started the exploration of Asia and finally settled down in Bangladesh. Fifteen years have passed, and after great collaborations with Canadian, American and French retailers. She takes pride in helping her client to navigate smoothly throughout missions.

Karine proudly joined Fashion Theory as Director of Textile Operations. She believes in total transparency to improve knowledge and maximize positioning opportunities.

Véronique Grevet


SInce she started her career, she always combined Quality and Compliance as 2 legs of the same body, working very closely with factories, always thinking of the final customer and of the workers. After experiencing Quality and Compliance departments in brands’ headquarters, Inspection/Audit companies and liaison offices, she decided to join Fashion Theory Limited to work with people who care about their customers, the workers, the environmental impact and try hard to participate to the move of the textile industry toward a more sustainable, transparent and fair industry.



After completing his Master of Commerce, Nahin discovered his interest in the Ready-Made Garment sector. After 18 years of merchandising experience in factories and retail buying houses, he builds his strong career and leadership capabilities. He worked with different reputed retailers all over Europe and the UK.
Nahin is proud to be a part of Fashion Theory and hopes to build a challenging and rewarding career in mind-to-high level management. He expects to develop his career in the RMG trade further by providing structured career progression of sincerity, commitment and hard work within the context of competitive and dynamic international business environment.



Ex-ESMOD student (internationally recognized French school for Designer). Her creations took place in most of the renowned European companies. She designed for Sfera / Mango / Jules / Promod / Etam / Camaieu / Boohoo / Cache-cache / Oysho / Tally Weijl.
Now based in Japan, she is in the heart of the trends to design collections.



He has completed his 4 years graduation in Textile Engineering and major in Apparel Manufacturing Technology from Primeasia University.
He also has 5 years of experience in merchandising, has worked in trading office earlier.
He is hardworking and dedicated towards completing task assign to him. He works as a bridge between his senior and factories we are working with also maintains communication with the buyers.