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Anne Laure Pedegert


She has 26 years of professional Textile. After studying Design and Pattern Maker in prestigious school in France, she designed for Reebok (sportswear), Pardon (Tropical Wear), Popecha (luxury baby brand).

Anne-Laure moved to Dhaka in 2010.
Introduced to the production world she have been a successful Country Manager for notorious European Brand.

Ghislain Henno

Sourcing & Business Development Director

Former Head of Global Sourcing for a European woman Fast Fashion brand, 35 million pcs, 140 million dollars buying per year.

He has 14 years’ experience in Sourcing in Asia, 9 years in Hong Kong and 5 years in Bangladesh. Extensive travels in Pakistan, India, Cambodia and China.

Joined Fashion theory as Co-funder of ZEproject, UPCYBOM, Beyond the Binary and under development of a micro-factory concept.

Julien Lemonier

Graphic Designer

He has 12 years experience in Graphic Design industry for European companies.

After completing a Licence of Digital Director Designer 2D/3D in Pole3D (Digital school in France), he worked for several projects in many different fields (Architecture, 2D, 3D, vidéos, webdesign)

Since 2018, he joined Fashion Theory as Graphic Designer.



Graduate Bachelor in Law at Nantes University
Option International Business
More than 20 years of experience in dealing oversees textile production.
He has started in 2007 with indian exports then covered China, Cambodia, Vietnam and  Pakistan.
Based in France to close the customers he can adapt the best sourcing compare to their needs.



Ex-ESMOD student (internationally recognized French school for Designer). Her creations took place in most of the renowned European companies. She designed for Sfera / Mango / Jules / Promod / Etam / Camaieu / Boohoo / Cache-cache / Oysho / Tally Weijl.
Now based in Japan, she is in the heart of the trends to design collections.



10 years carried in the wake of Anne-Laure orders in factories.
He learned all the steps & dangers of a production to become a performant team leader with several successfull 3rd parties final inspection per day.



He has 10 years of experience in merchandising from factory to buying house. Now leading the merchandising team of Fashion Theory, Jamal is a tireless employee dedicated heart & soul to his buyers.



He just obtained a MBA in accounting and successfully experience 3 years as merchandiser in factory and joined us to be in charged of the smallest quantities order.
He consistently growing himself with his open & curious mind and strong desire to learn



He has completed his 4 year’s graduation from textile sector from BGMEA University of Bangladesh.
He also has 3 years working experience with merchandising department from factory and trading office. Now he is working in the development department.
As he leads a team, he has the leadership capability, and he tries to stay organized in his work.
And he keeps his dedication to complete the work on time.
 He maintains the good communication with his senior and also his junior buyer.