Fashion Theory > SgT ǀ Qualspec Meet & Greet Event

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022, Fashion Theory’s Quality team Mr. Abir Tarsif and Mr. Mehedi Hasan attended the SgT ǀ Qualspec Meet & Greet Event, in Uttura, Dhaka.


SgT’s Top Management, Mr. Thierry Lenorier (Worms Safety Group CEO), Mrs. Marie-Annabelle Mermaz (SgT Managing Director Consumer Products) and Mrs. Daniela Burling (Global Deputy General Manager of Laboratories) were present and shared the company’s views and direction.


During the event, our team was able to visit the new SgT Bangladesh Lab, where they discovered the tests offered. New services were also presented such as the Supply Chain Traceability & Validation service, as well as the Recycled Content Validation service. These services enable the validation of the percentage of recycled content in a product and the authentication of the raw material sources.


Thank you to SgT Bangladesh Limited for the invitation and for the interesting inputs that arose from this meeting.