Watchwords of the day: Fun, Games, Cruise, Food, and Awards!


For the Fashion Theory Team Building Day, all members were divided into teams, dressed up with costumes in the theme of the event “Vegetable, Fruit and Flower”. 🥕🍍🌺 


Pineapples, Mangos, Waterlilies…the teams used their creativity to create funny and beautiful attires!


Each team started the day with a road map where the different steps were written to attend the final secret destination. Drink tea in a tea stall, play football with the kids of a school or pick up trash on the way…


After a morning of race, laughs, and friendly encounters, the teams finally discovered the final surprise and arrived at the orphanage LEF For Life. Everybody had the pleasure of sharing lunch, dances & songs with the kids and spending quality time altogether! 


The day ended with a cruise ride along the river, awards distribution to the remarkable employees of the year and eating cake. 🛶🏅🎂


A huge thank you to LEF For Life from the Fashion Theory family for helping organise this memorable day for all. 



LEF For Life is a non-profit organisation founded to Love, Educate and Feed (LEF stands for Love, Education and Food) underprivileged people, especially underprivileged children who experience hunger in their daily life. By providing Love, Education and Food, LEF for LIFE empowers these children to create a better life for themselves and their communities.


To learn more about LEF For Life or to donate, please visit:



Phone: +8801712948792

Address: Plot No. 1429, Vatara Road, Vatara, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh