In collaboration with Maer Achol, Fashion Theory organized a cleaning walk in a Mirpur slum on September 20th, 2022.  Mirpur is a suburb of Dhaka, Bangladesh, where houses are simple, and 80% of the population doesn’t have access to drinking water.


To celebrate Word Cleanup Day, the Fashion Theory team joined forces with Maer Achol staff members and schoolchildren to help a thousand families living in the Jhilpar slum.


Street Children’s Partners Bangladesh – Maer Achol – is an NGO that offers home and schooling to 250 street children in their Mirpur shelter.  They also have pre-schools for the younger children located directly in the slums.


In the morning, all participants gathered on the shelter’s rooftop and were separated into teams, allowing everybody to know each other. Afterwards, a walk was initiated inside the slum, proudly holding banners made by the children for this day and delivering meaningful messages.


More than 60 bags of garbage were collected by the teams and the families who joined to make their homes cleaner. Tote bags made with leftover fabrics were distributed to the families as an alternative to plastic shopping bags. It was also the occasion to discuss with the families, spread awareness and exchange smiles.


To reward the hard work, we shared a meal with everyone who helped with the cleaning.  The day was concluded with a performance from the school students and a visit to the shelter.


A huge thank you to Maer Achol’s team and schoolchildren for their hard work and warm welcome.  We would like to mention a special appreciation to Kakoli for making this event possible



To know more, or make donation, please visit:

Facebook: Street Children’s Partners Bangladesh – Maer Achol